Compact cable carrier profile by the meter

  1. Low-vibration operation due to extremely reduced polygon effect

  2. Continuously hingeless design

  3. Suitable for very restricted installation areas

  4. Quick opening and closing due to the design similar to a zip

  5. Opening tool

Example of inner distribution:

Inner distribution

iF award

  • Inner height
    13 mm
  • Inner widths
    10 – 15 mm
  • Pitch
    10 mm
  • Additional load
    0.1 kg/m
  • Travel length

    up to 1 m
  • Travel speed
    up to 1.66 m/s
  • Travel

    up to 5 m/s2


Practically no polygon effect

Quick opening and closing due
to the design similar to a zip

Long service life thanks to design made from extruded profiles with no joints

  • Easy installation of cables and hoses due to folding structure
  • Installation of cables and hoses also possible with cables and assembled connectors
  • Easy adaptation of cable carrier length
  • Low weight, good ratio between inner and outer width
  • Compact external dimensions for very restricted installation areas
  • Low noise operation due to short pitch and extruded profile
  • Low-vibration operation also at high velocities and travel accelerations
  • Low dust generation as there is no friction between the chain links
  • Flexible, also for lateral movement

Selection criteria for TKZP

  • If very quick opening of the zip-style opener is required
  • If the installation area is very restricted
  • If very smooth operation of the cable carrier is required
  • If no cover on the cable carrier is required
  • If no individual links have to be swivable
  • If no inner distribution is required
  • If no gliding arrangement is required
  • long travel length
  • opens inward
  • quiet running/low noise
  • clean room suitable

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