Outdoor testing facility

Proven quality – tested under real conditions

TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP stands for high quality and safe solutions. To ensure the highest standards we have an outdoor testing facility with real conditions. Gliding and rolling systems with travel lengths of more than 100 meters as well as high speed applications are being tested by our experts under harsh conditions.

Testing facility for all cable carrier types

  • independent cable carrier systems beside each other
  • gliding and rolling systems applicable
  • travel lengths of more than 100 meters
  • overtensioning protection system
  • high speed (5 m/s) tests

Outdoor conditions

  • exposed to harsh winter
  • direct solar radiation
  • heavy rainfalls

Material variety

Your application determines the material



For Ex-protection applications, we offer customized solutions made from solid plastic, hybrid or steel cable carriers, which meet the requirements of the standard (with < 105 Ω).


Our proven ESD cable carriers based on nano-technology with carbon tubes easily meet the requirements of the ESD standard (with < 109 Ω) in terms of conductivity and resistance.

Flame Retardant

We offer special materials including V0 versions for operating areas having a risk of fire. All materials listed by UL94. Additional special solutions on request.

Low Temperature

Suited for usage in low temperature areas such as cold stores, etc., up to around – 40 °C.

High Temperature

High temperature material 1: Suited for a (dimensionally stable) long-term temperature range for 2,500 hrs. up to 190 °C and for 10,000 hrs. up to 160 °C. High temperature material 2: Suited for transient surface contact temperatures of up to 80 °C.

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