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Cable carrier systems for cranes

TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP develops customized solutions for cable carrier systems in cranes. Our decades of experience from hundreds of realized projects in various industries with diverse demands on our cable carrier systems, lead to new custom and application-specific solutions for our customers. Our specialists will support you from the planning and design stage through to the onsite installation and start-up of the tested complete system.

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Your partner for crane applications

KABELSCHLEPP specializes in cable carriers for all types and sizes of cranes and has been a pioneer in dynamic cable and hose carrier systems ever since the invention of the original cable carrier that was patented by KABELSCHLEPP in 1954.

As modern crane systems demand increasingly higher cycle rates and travel speeds, they need cable management solutions that can hold up to the new requirements. To meet these demands, today’s port cranes and lifting devices require lightweight plastic cable carriers that offer high speed, high acceleration and high durability.

Cable carrier systems made of plastic can help you to adapt your systems to meet these new demands. TSUBAKI KABEL­SCHLEPP has solutions for even extremely long travel applications that require high travel speeds and accelerations.

Since 1954, KABELSCHLEPP cable carriers have been proved in the field and provide high reliability, high quality, and cost-effective cable routing solutions that can also satisfy increasingly challenging needs of the future.


TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP is a total solution provider. Our half-century of experience and thousands of installed applications worldwide make us a competent partner that you can rely on for your applications. Our specialists will support you from planning through installation and start-up of the complete system.

In order to achieve an optimal upgrade to the respective equipment, our experts will coordinate the components for your application on-site. As required, we use standard components or we can custom configure our systems to adapt them to the existing structures.

  • site measuring for best engineering and assembly planning
  • on-site-training custom tailored to the application
  • application specific assembly and maintenance manuals
  • CAD documentation of the installation in 2D and 3D formats for your records

Benefits of cable & hose carriers for cranes

  • cost-effective (compared to festoon systems) due to shorter cable lengths – no inefficient hanging loops are required
  • extended cable service life – the cables are only bend in a defined bend radius and do not have to absorb any pulling forces
  • very long travel lengths possible
  • weatherproofed for offshore/onshore conditions
  • low maintenance
  • secure protection of cables and hoses even in high wind ­conditions, no mechanical loads on the crane
  • secure data transfer with LWL cables
  • no additional drives and control units necessary
  • all power, control, data, pneumatic, water or hydraulic cables in one system

TOTALTRAX Complete Systems

From planning to the final complete system

Use our know-how. Working jointly with you, our experienced specialists can provide pre-sale support, including planning and design services through after sales service and support.

One order, one contact person, components optimally matched to each other, including the cable and hose carrier, the electrical cables, the hydraulic and pneumatic hoses and the connectors.

You receive the complete system in one delivery along with a guarantee certificate, if desired – in short: TOTALTRAX.

Reduce your storage costs for cable and hose carriers, cables and connectors with TOTALTRAX.

We supply all components Just-In-Time to your production facility or directly to the installation site.

Expert installation by our Service Team

Let our Service Team handle the planning and execution of the installation of cable and hose carrier systems. We provide the support you need.

  • complete assembly including the guide channel and the substructure
  • uncoiling and assembling cable and hose carrier systems for long travel applications
  • installation in harsh conditions at great height
  • commissioning and acceptance

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