Cable Carrier Systems in Oil & Gas Exploration

What we build ...

We specialize in Cable & Hose Carriers, also called Drag Chain, for hose and cable management. Our products are often designed to specification, or based on a wide range of standard product options, but always customized to individual requirements. We deliver any size, from millimeters to meters. We use all industry relevant steel and plastic materials, and follow all industry relevant specifications. We manufacture and deliver fully assembled packages ready for installation or modules for convenient handling and installation on site. All of this can also include cable and hose packages, guide channels, support trays and any other necessary accessories. We also offer specific cable and hose management solutions for equipment such as cranes, hoists and lifting device.

Who we are ...

KABELSCHLEPP METOOL is one of the world's leading manufacturers of carrier chain (drag chain) for dynamic cable and hose management in oil & gas applications.

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