Solutions for steel mills

Heavy-duty, heat resistant, lubrication-free

TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP develops customized solutions for cable carrier systems in steel works and rolling mills. Our decades of experience from hundreds of realized projects with diverse demands on our cable carrier systems, lead to new custom and application-specific solutions for our customers.

Our specialists will support you from the planning and design stage through onsite installation and start-up of the tested complete system.

1 Blast furnaces 2 Steel mills 3 Rolling mills/ Rolling mill systems 3 Rolling mills/ Rolling mill systems 3 Rolling mills/ Rolling mill systems 4 Coil transport 4 Coil transport 5 Coil stores 6 Coil preparation 7 High rise storage facilities 8 Strip refinement (pickling plants) 9 Packaging lines

Blast furnaces

Steel mills

Rolling mills/ Rolling mill systems

Coil transport

Coil stores

Coil preparation

High rise storage facilities

Strip refinement (pickling plants)

Packaging lines

Standard applications:
Solid plastic cable carriers with fixed chain widths

Advanced applications:
Cable carriers with variable chain widths

Extreme applications:
Steel cable carriers – a solution for extreme applications

The material choice depends on your application

Every application presents different demands of the cable carrier system.
To deliver a system that is perfectly fit to the application, KABELSCHLEPP produces
cable carrier systems in different materials. According to the application, either full-plastic, hybrid (sideband made of plastic and stays made of Aluminum) or steel/stainless steel cable carriers can be installed.

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