Efficient designing – precise and fast!

Decrease your design times and speed up your design process by downloading the updated data of TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP 2D/3D drawings and our data sets from the libraries of CADENAS, EPLAN and TRACEPARTS.

Of course downloading our product data from the libraries is free of charge. Native data as well as all common export formats are available for all common CAD systems.




  • optimum linking options to PDM and ERP systems
  • easy use of the PARTsolutions catalogue using a button in Autodesk Inventor
  • detailed chain models available

» CADENAS component libraries




  • time saving through drag & drop transfer of our components into your design and documentation
  • support of all process phases from verification and project planning to administrative workflow

» EPLAN component libraries


  • most TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP cable carriers available
  • worldwide only CAD library with “CAA” (CATIA) partner status

» TRACEPARTS component libraries

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